Those of you who have visited Poole Park since early May 2017, will probably have noticed many people working all hours on the railway facility: replacing and repairing parts of the train track, restoring and re-equipping the train shed, and refurbishing the train station adjacent to The Ark.  All the extensive works have been carried out by volunteers who share enthusiasm about restoring the railway, which began operations in 1949 and ran continuously under private ownership up until November, 2016.  A new era begins!

In accordance with council guidelines, and after extensive examination, the existing track was purchased from the previous operator.  Our team have worked around the clock on the track; checking, testing and making any renovations to ensure that it meets all necessary health and safety requirements. The carriages have also been purchased from the previous operator and are currently undergoing refurbishment.

The Station has also received much needed attention.  Amongst other things, windows have been bricked in to provide improved security, fencing repaired, platform resurfaced, safety markings renewed, signage replaced and lots of brickwork has been re-painted in the traditional British Railway Southern colours of green and gold.


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