The Train

Perfectly on track…

Having enjoyed a successful launch on Saturday 22nd July, the Friends of Poole Park Railway is off to a flying start thanks to the hard work and dedication of our merry band of volunteers.

In accordance with council guidelines, and after extensive examination, the existing track was purchased from the previous operator.  Our team have worked tirelessly around the clock on the track, carriages, engine shed and station; checking, testing and making any renovations to ensure that everything meets all necessary health and safety requirements.

Whilst the carriages and track were undergoing renovation, the last, and perhaps most significant item of rolling stock arrived on Tuesday 4th July; a new diesel locomotive by the name of Princess Swee’pea.  This lovely loco is on loan from Hastings Miniature Railway whilst they work on building a new steam locomotive for Poole Park, due for installation in 2018.

Princess Swee'pea

Princess Swee’pea – our new locomotive on loan from Hastings Miniature Railway for 2017

Built in 1990 by Alan Keef ltd as an 0-6-0 Diesel hydraulic this locomotive was the only locomotive in operation on the Hastings Miniature Railway from 1990 to 2010.   In 2011 she was removed from service for a major rebuild and in 2012 she returned to service having been rebuilt in-house by RVM Engineering and converted to an 0-6-0 Diesel hydrualic tender engine.