Business Performance

Business performance

We’ve now been ‘in business’ for 5 months since winning the tender early June, and it is looking like we’ll have the I’s dotted and the t’s crossed with the lease document with BoP very shortly so that we can get on with longer-term planning. By the end of our summer fulltime operating season we will have carried 15,700 fare paying passengers, along with ‘free rides’ to another estimated 1,900 small children (under 3’s in family groups, and Nursery Nurses visiting the Park with the children they are looking after).

The revenues generated so far have now covered the initial expenses of getting the railway into shape and have allowed the directors to be repaid the interest-free loans that provided the means to buy the rail track and carriages from the previous owner. These capital assets are now owned by the CIC, and we now have some cash in the bank to carry us through the winter.

There are plans being considered for meeting public expectations that there will be a Christmas event with the railway. This may be somewhat lower-key than in prior years.

As a 100% volunteer organisation, we can all give ourselves a collective pat on the back for making PPMR a success!

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