Organisational Development


Now that the pressures of the railway start-up and fulltime summer season operations are over, the directors have now had time to consider the board structure.  At a Directors’ meeting on 11th October, it was agreed that there should be three Associate Director roles created, one each for:

  • Operations ( to oversee the day to day operations)
  • Buildings (to advise the board on matters relating to planning & design for future projects – probably part of HLF projects)
  • Technical (to bring to the board technical expertise and guidance related to technical aspects of running a miniature railway)

The directors see these roles are development roles for the longer term.  Job descriptions will shortly be available, on request.

Pat Lincoln (Finance) and Caroline Slocock (Marketing & PR) will also be appointed as Associate Directors, formally recognising their roles and contribution.

We also propose to appoint a volunteer to the role of Board Observer. This role will be held for a period of 6 months, at which point another volunteer will take their place.  There must be  break of 6 months before any re-appointment. The Observer will receive meeting agendas, pre-meeting reading materials/papers, and minutes of meetings.

The purpose of this role is:

  • To provide a representation conduit between volunteers and directors – ideas and suggestions
  • To have a ‘ground level’ and grounded perspective about plans and directions being considered by the directors
  • To provide development opportunities for volunteers who might want to develop management skills in addition to practical skills of operating a train service to Poole Park visitors.

If you wish to be considered for any of these four new roles, please contact Pat Lincoln.  Job descriptions are outlined below and interviews are likely to be held early November.

Job description for volunteer Observer at Board Meetings

Job description for volunteer Associate Director Buildings

Job description for volunteer Associate Director Technical

Job description for volunteer Associate Director Operations

Job description for volunteer Associate Director Marketing

Job description for volunteer Associate Director Finance

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