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The Friends

Friends of Poole Park

The Friends of Poole Park is a voluntary organisation supporting the development of the park, which is widely used by the people of Poole and visitors to the town as a valuable recreational and leisure area.

The Friends of Poole Park was formed early in 2002 by members of the Poole community to focus interest in the development and future of Poole Park. The Friends of Poole Park then evolved to became a Registered Charity in 2004 (Registration Number 1101748).

The objectives of the Friends of Poole Park are:

  • To promote the public awareness, use & enjoyment of Poole Park
  • To promote & assist with development of the park, raise funds & acquire assets for the development of the park
  • To promote the park as a tourist attraction for visitors to Poole & the surrounding holiday area
  • To support & assist the Borough of Poole in its management of the Park

The Friends of Poole Park believe that this is a valuable project which will have a long term, beneficial impact for both the local community and visitors alike.

2017 The Friends of Poole Park Trustees:

Michael Collins, Pat Lincoln, Bob Lister, Doug Chick, Mike Heckford

2017 The Friends of Poole Park Committee:

Michael Collins, Pat Lincoln, Graham Sutton, Bob Lister, Doug Chick, Mike Heckford, Harvey Bennett, Caroline Slocock, Kieran Patani

Kiosk coordinator:

Jacki Campbell


Useful Information:

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