Parkstone Road, Poole Park, Poole, Dorset 07505 185 644 10:00 - 17:00 Weekends & School Holidays

Meet the Volunteers

The Poole Park Railway is now operated by a Community Interest Company (CIC) as a charitable social enterprise and as such, it is now staffed entirely by volunteers.

The charitable aims of the organisation has attracted many members of the local community who have come forward to join the project.  We have been overjoyed to see so many talented people come together to generously donate time, skills, financial and moral support to ensure that the railway operates efficiently and safely.

Our volunteers are instrumental in helping to ensure the longevity of a much loved family attraction, through which funds are being raised to support local community initiatives.

Railway Manager:

Graham Sutton

Workshop Manager:

Paul Geary

Train & Track Maintenance Crew:

Paul Geary, Kevin Trim, Kevin Patience,  Ben Jennings, Hannah Scott, Pete, Bob Lister, Doug Chick, Mike Heckford, Ben Maple, Graham Sutton

Duty Managers:

Graham Sutton, Steve Anstey, Graham Tuffin, Tim Drew, Trevor Shore, Ben Jennings

Train Drivers:

Trevor Shore MBE, Tim Drew, Kevin Patience, Graham Tuffin, Bryn Gittins, Phil Bowd, Barrie Davies, Steve Anstey, Graham Sutton, James Frigot, Richard Giles, Alan Hollington, Richard Giles, Clive Jackson, Ben Jennings, Nigel Leahy, Graham Leyland, Jonathon Morris, Steve Waite, Nigel Way, Terry Bull, Alan Hawkins, Chris Holton, Rob Kingman, Ian Price, Bill White

Train Guards / Ticket Inspectors:

Craig Fathers, Brenda Price, Kevin Patience, Graham Tuffin, Trevor Shore MBE, Bryn Gittins, Phil Bowd, Matthew Hawes, Barrie Davies, Steve Anstey, Colin Bugden, Tim Drew, James Frigot, Richard Giles, Clive Jackson, Ben Jennings, Hannah Scott, Nigel Leahy, Stuart Lee, Graham Leyland, Jonathon Morris, Jude Tuffin, Steve Waite, Nigel Way, Terry Bull, Alan Hawkins, Chris Holton, Rob Kingman, Ian Price, Bill White

Ticket Office:

Jude Tuffin, Pat Lincoln, Kieran Patani, Judith Compton, Phil Bowd, Colin Bugden Jacki Campbell, Tim Drew, Richard Giles, Clive Jackson, Ben Jennings, Graham Leyland, Jenny Steele, Graham Tuffin, Steve Waite

Administration, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Event Management:

Pat Lincoln, Michael Collins, Harvey Bennett, Graham Sutton, Caroline Slocock



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